If the minimalist footwear trend has an end game, we have to assume Nakefit is it.

Created by a team of Italian designers, Nakefit is a tear-proof, waterproof, stick-on sole that gives you the freedom of running barefoot without worry of cuts or infections on the bottoms of your feet. While we're not sure these are more convenient than just slipping into a pair of sandals, we have to admit we're curious enough to give it a shot.

You can see some of the uses for Nakefit in this promotional video:

If you're wondering what kind of market exists for stick-on soles, a peek at Nakefit's fundraising numbers should clear that up. With 23 days to go, the company's kickstarter has already raised over $163,000 –– shattering an initial goal of $22,000.

You can pick up your own standard pack (which includes 10 pairs) for about $33 here. The final product is expected to ship later this summer.

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Why go barefoot when you could do this?
Nakefit enters the minimalist footwear game with tear-proof, stick-on soles that let you go barefoot without the risk of cuts.