Leonardo DiCaprio's self-imposed break from Hollywood is nearly at an end.

The 39-year-old, who announced his hiatus from filming back in January of 2013, is set to begin production on "The Revenant" in late September. The wilderness thriller, based on the best-selling book of the same name, is inspired by the real life story of Hugh Glass, a frontiersman who was mauled by a grizzly bear, robbed by companions charged with saving him, and then left to die in the wild. From the synopsis:

"Enraged at being left alone and defenseless, Glass survives against all odds and embarks on a 3,000-mile-long vengeful pursuit of his ignominious betrayers. Told in simple expository language, this is a spellbinding tale of heroism and obsessive retribution."
DiCaprio, currently sporting both hair and beard worth of a frontiersman, is set to play Hugh Glass -- with Tom Hardy ("Dark Knight Rises", "Inception"), Domhnall Gleeson ("Star Wars: Episode VII"), and Will Poulter ("We’re the Millers") starring as the men who leave him to die.

Sierra Club President Michael Brunee, Darren Aronfsky and Leonardo DiCaprio in the tar sands. Credit: Aronofsky

While Glass's harrowing 1823 adventure took place near the Grand River in South Dakota, filmmakers have opted instead to use the scenic landscapes of British Columbia and Alberta, Canada. So for those less-than-pleased with DiCaprio's recent visit to the Alberta tar sands - don't expect him to go anywhere: production is expected to last from September to March. 

Look for "The Revenant" to bow in late 2015.

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Wilderness thriller 'The Revenant' to shoot in British Columbia
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