Fresh off a successful campaign to name one of Pluto's recently discovered moons "Vulcan," William Shatner is now turning his attention back towards Earth and the preservation of one its largest underwater canyons. 

Shatner, 82, has teamed up with Greenpeace to narrate a new PSA calling for the North Pacific Marine Fisheries Council to protect the Bering Sea canyons from industrial fishing

“Alaska’s Bering Sea is home to one of the most remarkable places in the world, an area so rich with life scientists call it ‘the Green Belt,’" says Jackie Dragon, Greenpeace USA senior oceans campaigner. "Here, the ‘Grand Canyons of the Sea’ support an extraordinary ecosystem that includes fish, crab, skates, endangered sea lions, orcas, and humpback whales, but it all starts with the fragile corals and sponges on the sea floor.

“Tragically, this amazing ecosystem is under serious threat from industrial fishing fleets that carve up the corals and sponges with their trawl nets. Bottom-tending fishing gear — especially trawl nets — destroys fragile corals and sponges that provide essential habitat, including spawning and nursery areas for fish, crab, and other marine species.”

Despite being entrusted with the protection of habitat in the "Grand Canyons of the Sea," the North Pacific Fishery Management Council has yet to curb industrial fishing or conserve the Green Belt ecosystem. To provide scientific proof that the underwater region is facing dire straits, Greenpeace has twice sent submersibles with high-definition cameras to record the damage. 

A vote on how to proceed with conservation measures in the region is expected by the council in June. Check out Shatner's cute PSA below. 

Michael d'Estries ( @michaeldestries ) covers science, technology, art, and the beautiful, unusual corners of our incredible world.

William Shatner backs effort to protect the 'Grand Canyons of the Sea'
Actor narrates new PSA for Greenpeace, encouraging people to support the preservation of the Bering Sea canyons.