If you missed out on the lunch date George Clooney auctioned up for charity back in 2012, the Oscar-winner is giving you another shot to score some quality time together. And this time, your only have to have Alexander Hamilton in your wallet to participate. 

Clooney has partnered with Omaze, the same fundraising site that raised millions for charity last fall with "Breaking Bad" stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston, to give one lucky fan and a friend a complete film premiere experience. From the site:

"First, you and a friend will be flown to New York City. You'll then go backstage at the Late Show with David Letterman for George's pre-premiere interview, ride to the premiere with George, and walk the red carpet with George, all before sitting in the VIP row for Monuments Men. As if that weren't enough, you'll then head to the after-party as George's VIP guests."

Sounds great? It's even better when you consider that entries are an affordable $10 - a far cry from the usual auction format that eludes all but the deep pocketed. Like previous dates with George, this one is all about raising money for a cause close to his heart. In this case, it's the Satellite Sentinel Project, a real-time eye-in-the-sky that Clooney launched with Google and the United Nations in 2010 to monitor human rights abuses in Sudan. The project also works to protect elephant populations; with the animals' tusks often used to help fund illegal activities. 

"We want to let potential perpetrators of genocide and other war crimes know that we're watching, the world is watching," Clooney said at the project's launch. "War criminals thrive in the dark. It's a lot harder to commit mass atrocities in the glare of the media spotlight."

Get your shot at spending an evening with George by hitting up his Omaze contest here. (If you simply must get something from George, but don't want to leave it all to chance, for $1,000 in entries you'll receive flowers with a card signed by the actor.) 

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Win a date with George Clooney for $10
Actor hopes low cost of entry will draw the masses to help fund his Satellite Sentinel Project for war-torn Sudan.