The oil sands (aka tar sands) in Canada are an energy source much dirtier than even crude oil, as fellow MNN blogger Karl Burkhart wrote about last week. Now, the Sierra Club is trying to get people involved in the fight against these oil sands — by appealing to their love of winter sports with the help of famous athletes.

Dubbed “Love Winter, Hate the Oil Sands,” this campaign is timed to coincide with the Winter Olympics in Canada and calls for an end to the country's oil sand operations, which are big contributors to global warming pollution. Famous supporters of this campaign include snowboarder Jeremy Jones, skier Alison Gannett and hockey star Mike Richter, who are calling on snowboarders, skiers and winter sports lovers to join the campaign.

Ready to join them? Visit the campaign Website to send an e-mail letter to President Obama asking him to deny permits for oil sands pipelines in the U.S. For your eco-activism, you’ll get a free “Love Winter Hate the Oil Sands” sticker!

Winter Olympics fans target Canada's oil sands
A new Sierra Club campaign urges environmentalists to fight oil sands to preserve winter sports.