In what's a refreshing change, women are set to dominate the world of space on television.

Not one, but three separate series have been announced for the near future with women the driving force behind the various plots. Last January, it was announced that NBC and Will Ferrell were partnering on an 'Anchorman' in space sitcom revolving around a hot-shot 1960's astronaut butting heads with a strong woman.  This week, HBO announced a series called "Women in Space," and ABC pulled back the curtain on its new drama "The Astronaut Wives Club".

HBO's new half-hour comedy series, written by author-screenwriter Kristin Gore (daughter of the Al Gore) and directed by Jay Roach, will reportedly focus on a "group of women exploring the final frontier on a mission to colonize another planet." Meanwhile, ABC's "Astronaut Wives Club" will focus on the true story of the women who stood beside "some of the biggest heroes in American history during the height of the space race." The series is based on the NY Times Bestseller of the same name written by author Lily Koppel.

"They just saw this as part of their duty," Koppel said in an interview with last summer. "They weren't outspoken, they weren't being heroes. We can now have the perspective to look back and say it's not just about the guys in the silver suits, but there's this whole community of engineers, and there was this whole story at home. These wives were basically single mothers during the week who were mowing the lawn, keeping the checkbook balanced, making sure their husbands aren't overly stressed at home, per NASA's recommendations."

The 10-episode drama is expected to debut this summer on ABC. Look for "Women in Space" to premiere on HBO later this year.

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'Women in Space' comedy coming to HBO
New half-hour series announced on the heels of ABC's new summer drama called 'The Astronaut Wives Club'.