Woody Harrelson has seen the future of paper — and it's one that doesn't include trees as a primary resource.

The actor is one of the investors behind Prairie Pulp and Paper, creators of high-quality, "tree-free, chlorine-free" paper made from sustainable wheat and flax straw. The Canadian company has already produced small runs of the product but now wants to ramp up production and distribute on a massive scale.

On June 11, the company received a $400,000 boost from provincial and federal governments to begin its expansion, with interest from chains like Staples and Office Depot already flowing in. From the Winnipeg Free Press:

The company plans to build North America's first commercial-scale non-wood pulp and paper mill in rural Manitoba. The facility would produce 200,000 tonnes of paper annually and employ 300 to 500 people.
If successful, the project would be a huge boon to Winnipeg farmers, who could sell their excess wheat straw — instead of burning it.

"Using technology to produce paper products from agricultural byproducts is an exciting venture — it's innovative, good for the environment, and creates new market opportunities for industry and farmers," Manitoba Member of Parliament Candice Hoeppner said.

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Woody Harrelson hoping tree-free paper takes off
Actor invests in company that makes high-quality, eco-friendly paper from wheat and flax straw.