How big is too big for a corn maze? The organizers of this year's epic labyrinth at the "Cool Patch Pumpkins Maze" in Dixon, California apparently figured out the answer. In an effort to beat their own Guinness World Record set in 2007, owners Matt and Mark Cooley decided to expand their creation by 20 percent — pushing this year's corn maze to just over 63 acres. The problem is, some people are having a seriously hard time finding their way out and are calling 911 for help. 

"There’s a concern; there’s a bit of fear involved," Daryl Snedeker a deputy from the Solano County Sheriff’s Dept told CBS Sacramento. "I think they are overwhelmed. You can get a little worked up when you can’t get out of a place and everything looks the same."

With the maze open until 8 p.m., many of the 911 calls were from people trapped in this nightmare after dark. "At night time, if there’s no moon out, you have no clue which direction is which," Matt Cooley told the CBC


Naturally having more pressing matters to attend to, emergency operators started routing the calls for help back to the Cooley brothers. “They are afraid and they are tired. They are tired of being lost, which is the whole idea,” added Matt Cooley.

Nevertheless, the organizers admit that next year's maze will likely be a smaller affair.

"It's just too much," said Cooley.

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World's largest corn maze forcing some visitors to call 911
Massive 63-acre creation in Dixon, California has some confused participants calling on the authorities for a way out.