Jonathan Goldsmith, known to millions as The Most Interesting Man in the World thanks to his Dos Equis beer commercials (and countless online memes), is joining the fight against cancer in dogs. 

The 75-year-old recently partnered with sporting giant Orvis on the companies 2014 Dog Cover Photo Contest and Million Dollar Dog sweepstakes. The campaign has netted close to $1 million for the Morris Animal Foundation over the last five years — and with Goldsmith's help, Orvis is hoping to raise even more. 

“It’s very simple. It takes money, and I can help them raise money,” Goldsmith, who has two Anatolian shepherds and lost a third dog to canine cancer, told CBS Connecticut. “The nicest thing about so-called celebrity status is to be able to call attention to the things that you believe in.”

Goldsmith, along with his pup Willy, shot two YouTube videos for Orvis. "The health of animals, especially dogs, is important to me,” he said. "The opportunity to help the Morris Animal Foundation in their efforts and also work alongside Willy is hard to resist.” 

Check out the first video below. The Orvis Dog Photo Cover Contest runs through March

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'World's Most Interesting Man' joins fight against dog cancer
Jonathan Goldsmith, best-known for his Dos Equis beer commercials, is helping to raise money for research in the fight against cancer in dogs.