Always secretly longed to be one of The Yes Men, those eco-pranksters who recently put out a fake edition of The New York Post announcing “We’re Screwed” if we do nothing about the environment? Well, then you should be warned — one Yes Man, Andy Bichlbaum, was arrested last month at a fake press conference that demo’d SurvivaBalls — balls that’ll purportedly let corporate managers survive any climate crisis! Watch the infomercial below:

Are you willing to risk arrest for the environment? Then you too can join The Yes Men and engage in non-violent civil disobedience! Just sign up at, then be ready to protest to push world leaders “make the right climate choices” at the Copenhagen climate talks this December.

Arrest sound too scary? You can sign up to take part in a legal protest — or, if you’re really a wimp but are willing to open up your wallet, can purchase “action offsets.” That money would then go “to help someone else receive civil-disobedience training or pay bail, or to otherwise assist this program.”

Not ready to sign up because you don’t know enough about The Yes Men? If you’re in New York, go watch The Yes Men Fix the World, which begins playing tonight at the Film Forum theater! The preview’s below to whet your appetite for pranks-with-a-cause:

The film will come to more cities in the next few months. In the meantime, sign up to protest legally or illegally -- or to buy an activist offset!

Yes Men show eco-pranks can get you arrested
A Yes Man got arrested at a fake press conference for "Survivaball." And now, you can sign up to risk arrest too!