$24,000 zombie survival kit? Check. Ridiculously tricked-out vehicle to mow down the undead? Check. A collection of books to prepare yourself for what's coming next? Check. What's missing? A personal fortress to house it all. And today, my paranoid friends, is the day to knock that off your list.

Allow me to introduce the Zombie Fortification Cabin (aka, ZFC-1), a three-compartment compound from Tiger Log Cabins that will allow you to safely ride out the end-of-the-world in comfort. In the initial $113,000 package, you'll find all of the materials needed to impress your friends and worry your neighbors, including: an upper deck with escape hatch, barbed wire, a garden section to grow food, toilet system, weight machines, kitchen with microwave, a record player (zombies hate analog), and an Xbox with Plasma TV.

Additional options include solar panels ($5,600), security cameras ($3,000), and the satisfaction of watching someone else build and install the thing ($21,000). For an undisclosed price, water cannons, spotlights, and flame throwers can also be installed. (I particularly like the flame thrower option in the garage because, why not!?)

zombie cabin

To counter any customer concerns that this whole thing is more about marketing and less about realistic defense from zombies, all ZFC-1 cabins carry a "10-year anti-zombie guarantee" — with one caveat.

"Please note: we require medical evidence of the presence of a real zombie should you wish to claim under the 10-year anti-zombie guarantee," the website states. In other words, don't bother saving the receipt. 

To see more details about the Zombie Fortification Cabin — and to trick out your own post-apocalyptic survival pad — jump here

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Your zombie-proof log cabin has arrived
Show the undead you mean business with this solar-powered, steel-reinforced compound. Flame thrower and water cannon optional.