Zac Efron is sporting a new buzz cut as part of his role in the new film "The Lucky One," but he wasn't the only person on set to embrace the new look.

The "High School Musical" star, who recently split from longtime girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens, told the film crew that he would donate cash to Kingsley House children's charity for each additional person person who got the same haircut. More than 30 members of the crew took him up on his challenge, including two women who donated their hair to Locks of Love.

"He likes doing things for charity. Two Make-A-Wish kids came on a visit to the set while he was there and he felt like he wanted to do something for a New Orleans charity since he had such a nice time shooting there," saus Efron's publicist Gina Hoffman.

In "The Lucky One," Efron plays a Marine who carries a photo of an unknown mystery woman in his pocket during his three tours in Iraq. The woman becomes his good luck charm. Once he has returned home from his last tour of duty, he makes it his mission to find this mystery woman.

The film is due for release in 2012.

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