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First UFOs and now zombies. For New Yorkers, the daily commute has become more odd than usual. 

About two dozen people wearing pale makeup and smeared with blood and dirt moaned and staggered down the block outside Madison Square Garden. Some hit Times Square — while another group worked their way across the Brooklyn Bridge, much to the delight/horror/indifference of people on their way to work. 

It was all part of an international campaign in 26 cities to promote AMC's new original series, "Walking Dead." Taipei, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Los Angeles were among the other cities targeted by the flesh-eating monsters. 

For those not familiar with this new show, it's based on a series of comic books by Robert Kirkman. In a nutshell, the story revolves around a small town sheriff who gets shot, loses consciousness, and when he wakes, learns that the dead have returned to life and his family is missing. 

If that rings a bell, it's because the beginning to the hit zombie movie "28 Days Later" starts in almost exactly the same way. This series, however, will "flesh out" the human side of dealing with a living dead invasion much more deeply than any two-hour film could. 

The story takes place in and around Atlanta, and we at the Mother Nature Network are proud to say that our office building is featured in several scenes. How would we do if a zombie outbreak really did happen? We'd like to think quite well — especially with our handy "Top 10 ways to prepare for the total breakdown of society without looking like a (complete) lunatic" guide. 

Check out a trailer to "Walking Dead" below: 

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Zombies invade New York City
Dozens of actors dressed as the living dead hit The Big Apple as a promotion for AMC's new series, 'Walking Dead.'