While the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention would have you ready for the zombie apocalypse with plenty of food, water and first aid, Gerber Legendary Blades would also like to see you armed. 

The tactical and outdoor gear company is set to release 200 limited-edition Apocalypse Survival Kits to match the one seen during this season of AMC's zombie drama, "The Walking Dead."

“The buzz surrounding 'The Walking Dead' this season, as well as Gerber’s involvement with the show, has been tremendous,” said Corey Maynard, vice president of marketing for Gerber. “The Apocalypse Survival Kit represents a tangible way to keep the momentum going, and frankly our consumers have been asking where they could find the kit so we felt it was our duty to make them available.”

Included in the pack are seven tools that originally appeared during the second season premiere: the Gator Machete, Camp Axe II, Bear Grylls Survival Series Parang, Gator Machete Pro, LMF II Infantry knife, DMF folding knife and the Epic fixed blade knife. Just so you're up to speed on how you'll be using these weapons, the company is also throwing in the first season of "The Walking Dead" for your viewing pleasure. 

"Brilliant assembly and brilliant marketing," wrote one commenter on their site. "You'll sell through the 200 kits in no time. Only thing I'd add is an adjustable strap so that you can carry it slung over your back as you crawl over the remains of those who did not invest in a kit of their own."

If Gerber's offering only whets your appetite for more zombie survival gear, be sure to check out this extremely comprehensive listing on Amazon for nearly everything you need to defeat the undead. Some standout items include a nail gun, chainsaw, warrior boots, night-vision goggles, and (naturally) a "Michael Jackson Thriller Costume."

More? MNN also has your back. Here are 10 useful tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse.

Good luck — and remember to always make sure they're really dead. 

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Zombies will hate this Apocalypse Survival Kit
Gerber Legendary Blades releases limited-edition weapons as seen on AMC's hit series, 'The Walking Dead.'