For a time this morning, the word "zorrilla" was trending on Google — and most people had absolutely no idea why.

More to the point, most people had no idea what a zorrilla (or zorilla) is — with instant visions of a gorilla crossed with a zebra adding a bit of humor to the guesswork.

Turns out that the zorilla is a member of the weasel family — though it looks a lot like a skunk. In the stink department, however, this variety excels beyond all others and as such is considered the smelliest animal in the world.

So great is the stench delivered by the anal glands of the zorilla that predators (and other animals) are warned up to a half-mile away not to approach. This creature also enjoys playing dead and climbing trees.

Thankfully for Americans, they're only found in Africa. On "Letterman" last night, however, celebrity zookeeper Jack Hanna brought the only one in the States with him on set to show off to Dave. Apparently, as you'll see in the clip below, they really like to stay inside your shirt. Good thing the little guy didn't feel threatened.

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