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10 age-defying celebrities

By: Matt Hickman on March 13, 2012, 1:33 p.m.
Sean Connery, 81

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Sean Connery

Although it’s been a few years since the 81-year-old Scottish silver fox known as Sir Sean Connery has been heralded as sexy — in 1999, People named 69-year-old actor the “Sexiest Man of the Century” — we still think 007 has managed to maintain a level of handsomeness. Apparently, suave good looks, not just diamonds, are forever. 

So what’s the secret of 007’s well-preserved longevity? Although that’s confidential information (good genes and plenty of golf?), we’re guessing it has nothing to do with James Bond’s favorite things: gambling, scrambled eggs, martinis, lots and lots of cigarettes and leaping from buildings in exotic locales with an automatic firearm — most famously the Walther PPK — strapped securely into his holster.

And this is interesting: According to a 2008 poll conducted by Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life, Connery is the top celebrity that women think about while exercising, beating out David Beckham, Gordon Ramsey, Prince William and Simon Cowell.