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10 age-defying celebrities

By: Matt Hickman on March 13, 2012, 1:33 p.m.
Tina Turner, 72

Photo: Bob Lucas/ZUMA Press

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Tina Turner

We’re not sure what’s in the water in Tina Turner’s birthplace of Nutbush, Tenn., but if it means aging as gracefully and with as much energy as the remarkably toned “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” then we’d certainly like a big old sip.

Known just as well for her knockout figure (specifically those super-famous legs) as she is for her electrifying stage presence and harrowing but fame-making relationship with Ike Turner — her abusive former husband and musical partner — 72-year-old Turner isn’t exactly secretive about how she keeps it up. And, yes, not-so-private dancing plays a huge part of it. “The main reason I've stayed looking good is that I've spent 40 years doing the most intensive stage workouts ever," the fierce and fabulous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee told British tabloid The Mirror in 2009.

In addition to strutting and shaking her stuff onstage in sold-out stadiums across the world — she last toured in 2008-2009 as part of the 90-date Tina! 50th Anniversary Tour — Turner, a practicing Buddhist and resident of Switzerland, maintains her age-defying looks with lots of sleep, water and a sensible, low-carb diet. "I don't abuse myself with sweets, sugars, cakes and fat. I eat healthily. The pleasure of life is dinner."