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10 classic drive-in theaters worth the detour

By: Matt Hickman on July 26, 2013, 11:42 a.m.
Starlight Six Drive-In, Atlanta

Photo: Photo: Michael Dougherty/Flickr

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Starlight Six Drive-In, Atlanta

In the sprawl-beast known as Atlanta, the six-screen Starlight Six Drive-In rules supreme when it comes to car-bound entertainment. And $7 for a double feature … you really can’t beat that (provided you’re able to stay awake).

If the 64-year-old establishment — Atlanta's only surviving drive-in — had one star attraction aside from the screens themselves, it would be the nonexistent outside food and beverage policy. Sure, there’s a King of Pops-stocked snack bar on the premises, but patrons have the option to bring even portable grills (yep, you can grill prior to the start of the first feature).

Open year-round and home to a swap meet on weekend afternoons, the Starlight also hosts special events including the Drive Invasion, an annual Labor Day hootenanny that pairs live music and hot rods with the finest B-movies and genre films (and mullets) known to mankind.