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10 fantastical living garden sculptures

By: Anna Norris on Aug. 21, 2013, 6:09 p.m.
Sculpture of a shepherd planting an oak tree next to his dog

Photo: Matias Garabedian/Flickr

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The Man Who Planted Trees

Based on the Academy Award-winning 1987 short film, "The Man Who Planted Trees" was MIM's first masterpiece. MIM consulted with the filmmaker, Frédéric Back.

"'The Man Who Planted Trees' was conceived as a bona fide mosaiculture garden stemming from the efforts of a single man, the shepherd Elzéard Bouffier," the MIM description reads. "Through his ceaseless and patient toil, he was able to transform a desolate, arid expanse of land into a fertile territory verdant with field and forest."

In the sculpture, the shepherd plants an oak tree near a flock of sheep. Adjacent, a scene of horses frolicking in the prairie illustrates the fruits of his efforts.