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10 fictional places we'd like to call home

By: Edwin Lee on July 18, 2014, 1:30 p.m.
The Shire

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Middle Earth ('Lord of the Rings')

All the official and fan maps in the world can't pin down Middle Earth. The area, as we know it from the movies and novels, is geographically ambiguous in the overall Lord of the Rings universe. What we do know is that the locales are absolutely stunning (or arguably, New Zealand is, where the bulk of the movies were filmed) and full of interesting people and cultures. Who can resist making home in the iconic Shire where the hospitable Hobbits dwell, perfect for those who want to live in rural comfort with seven meals a day? If medieval kingdoms are your thing, there is Gondor, where humanity thrives in vast stone fortresses and cities. Middle Earth isn't without its dangers, however, with orcs, dragons and giant, evil eyeballs out to make war every few centuries.