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10 fictional places we'd like to call home

By: Edwin Lee on July 18, 2014, 1:30 p.m.
New New York

Photo: Ina Centaur/Flickr

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New New York ('Futurama')

Good news, everybody: We're going to the future! What's not to like about space delivery, aliens and beer-guzzling robots? Such is the everyday life in New New York (not to be confused with Old New York)! The best — and worst — of the 31st century can be found here: amazing (and improbable) technology, a community of aliens and mutants, famous talking heads (literally) and all of the problems from the 21st century (i.e., global warming, drug use, prejudices, etc.) multiplied to hyperbolic magnitudes. Despite the inflexible bureaucracy, megalomaniacal corporations and disasters that strikes every Tuesday — New New York is a city that guarantees boredom to be an alien concept.