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10 fictional places we'd like to call home

By: Edwin Lee on July 18, 2014, 1:30 p.m.
The Emerald City

Photo: The Western Sky/Flickr

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The Emerald City (Oz series)

It may take a twister to get there, but the Land of Oz is a vista of colors and fantastical landscapes only complemented by the crown jewel of the region: the Emerald City. Surrounded by a magical desert to repel foreign invaders and by the four countries that make up Oz, the Emerald City reigns as the heart of the land with its jeweled spires, green glass buildings and the grand Royal Palace. It's a city of prosperity. A variety of shops line the marble sidewalks, elegant fountains spray perfumed water, and its citizens are free of crime, poverty and violence. Of all the locations on this list, the Emerald City is a utopia, but future residents beware: Outside its borders there are wicked witches, flying monkeys and odd magic that can transform you into something less than human.