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10 fictional places we'd like to call home

By: Edwin Lee on July 18, 2014, 1:30 p.m.

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Unova ('Pokemon White/Black')

Unova is almost mundane … except for it being part of the Pokémon world. For a region inspired by the state of New York, Unova is less urban jungle and more a blend of rural and urban flavors. There are sprawling metropolises, sure, but they don't clash with the quieter towns or the region's natural geography of mountains, forests and deserts; Unova has a place for everyone. There's Castelia City, a seaside metropolis that acts as the region's center of economics and business, with towering skyscrapers, commercial buildings and ports. Not into the city bustle? There's Nuvema Town; a small rural town in southeast Unova. It features windmills, a view of the ocean and the local Pokémon professor, if you ever want to get started on your own adventure! And each major locale is conveniently connected, whether by bridge, subway or underwater tunnel that allows for free movement across the region.