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10 incredible bookstores in unusual places

By: Melissa Breyer on June 12, 2014, 12:01 p.m.
Barter Books

Photo: Dave Morris/Flickr

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Barter Books

If you think a train-car bookshop is romantic, Barter Books will make you swoon so hard it might hurt. Housed in an 1887 Victorian train station in the historic English market town of Alnwick, Barter Books offers visitors not only an incredible collection of books to browse, but a remarkable setting to do it in. Complete with working fireplaces, stunning 40-foot murals, stuffed chairs and sofas, tea rooms and model trains which chug along atop the shelves, the shop retains many of the station’s original features. But beyond the treasures within its seven rooms, Barter may be best known as the driving force behind one of the modern world's most iconic memes. When going through an old box of books the owners stumbled across an unpublished WWII poster. They displayed it to great response and began printing copies; since then the slogan has become one of the rallying cries of the new millennium, otherwise known as: “Keep calm and carry on.”