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10 incredible bookstores in unusual places

By: Melissa Breyer on June 12, 2014, 12:01 p.m.
An opulent bookstore in Buenos Aires

Photo: Miguel Vieira/flickr

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Singular shops

With the advent of online book buying and e-books, many have predicted the eventual disappearance of stores where you can put down money and buy a book. To that, we book-loving stalwarts say, “NEVER!” Nothing beats walking through a bookshop and looking at all the covers, picking tomes up and turning them over, the smell of ink on paper, conversations with strangers about authors … it all conspires to create an experience like few others. Add to that a remarkable converted space in which the shop is housed (like the old tango theater in Argentina, pictured here) and we’re talking bibliophile bliss. We're grateful that there are plenty of beautiful bookstores still out there, but we love the following for their most-unusual settings.