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10 outstanding music festivals you haven't heard of yet

By: Josh Lew on April 14, 2014, 3:59 p.m.
Port of Castries, home to stages during the festival

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Saint Lucia Jazz Festival

Held each May on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, this festival focuses on jazz music, but it has drawn musicians from other genres as well. In terms of notoriety and attendance, this is one of the most popular festivals of any kind in the Caribbean, except for the annual "Carnival" celebrations on Trinidad. The festival also boasts some of the most beautiful venues of any event on our list ... and not just because of Saint Lucia's tropical weather. Concerts are held inside national parks, preserved "heritage" areas, and on beaches and waterfront locations around the island. (Just imagine listening to jazz music as you relax at venues along the port of Castries, pictured here.) Branford Marsalis and Herbie Hancock are notable jazz acts who have performed on Saint Lucia. R&B stars like Toni Braxton and John Legend have taken the stage here, as have Rihanna, Santana, the Isley Brothers, Ne-yo and even Elton John.