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10 phenomenal public fountains

By: Josh Lew on July 17, 2013, 6:21 p.m.
The Moonlight Rainbow Fountain in Seoul

Photo: jaehak lee/Shutterstock

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Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Banpo Bridge, Seoul

This bridge-side fountain with a cartoonish name spans the Han River in the center of Seoul, South Korea. On a practical level, Banpo is an equal-opportunity bridge: it has a lower deck where pedestrians and cyclists can cross without having to share the road with cars. Installed on the sides of the bridge, the fountain shoots nearly 190 tons of water each minute. The design includes nearly 10,000 nozzles that are surrounded by LED lights.

The water for Moonlight Rainbow comes directly from the river and is continuously recycled so that no outside water is needed. The fountain is turned on for 15-minute periods at noon and also several times each evening, with extra shows on weekend evenings starting about 5 p.m. The fountain is shut off completely from October through March.