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10 tips for surviving a zombie outbreak

By: Katherine Butler on April 15, 2011, 11:20 a.m.

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Stay in good shape

This tip is encouraged by all zombie experts and is featured in the recent Hollywood film, "Zombieland." Being in great shape is particularly important when dealing with fast-moving zombies. Bruce Campbell, star of "The Evil Dead" and perhaps the most beloved zombie killer of all time, urges running skills. As Campbell told MTV, "Mostly with regard to any zombie, all you have to do is run — because they can't move very quickly."

But don't get overly confident and try to wrestle the zombies. As director Quentin Tarantino points out to MTV, "One bite, and you're done; you're infected. You'll have about an eight- to nine-hour incubation period after you die before you become one."