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10 tips for surviving a zombie outbreak

By: Katherine Butler on April 15, 2011, 11:20 a.m.
A warlord and his consort

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When all else fails, become a warlord

Zombie experts seem to agree that there is safety in numbers. But it also means that the world needs a strong leader. As Meghann Marco suggests in "The Field Guide to the Apocalypse," you have three options in becoming a warlord. First, you must develop a "persuasive political philosophy." In this case, it could involve the destruction of zombies. Second, you must gain a "monopoly on a resource." We suggest water. Third, you must secure "exclusive access to advanced weaponry." It may help to have a technical expert for an associate.

A zombie outbreak will bring on a whole new world order, and there’s no reason you can’t sit at the top of the pyramid. If you follow these tips, you just might be able to rule a whole new world of the living — and the dead.