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10 tips for surviving a zombie outbreak

By: Katherine Butler on April 15, 2011, 11:20 a.m.
Bikes and a truck

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Will you run? Plan an escape route

If you choose to leave your home, it is advisable to keep moving and stay focused on your goal — staying alive. As Brooks explains in his guide, you may want to avoid urban areas as they are likely to contain a large number of living dead. Be sure to remain as invisible as possible. This also means avoiding large groups, which are likely to attract more attention.

Chris Birchby is a zombie aficionado in southern California. As Birchby suggests, "Travel during the day when you can see. A bicycle is great because you can outrun them and no gas. If you travel in a car, take a truck with your BOV (bail-out vehicle, like motorbike or bicycle) in the back."