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11 beautiful examples of art inspired by science

By: Mary Jo DiLonardo on Jan. 15, 2015, 3:11 p.m.
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Leonardo da Vinci

As if he wasn't busy enough, Italian painter, architect, engineer, sculptor and inventor Leonardo da Vinci was also fascinated with anatomy. He was so intrigued by the human body that by the end of his life da Vinci claimed he had dissected more than 30 corpses. He filled pages and pages with incredibly detailed drawings of body parts, accompanied by thousands of explanatory notes. U.K. heart surgeon Frances Wells, author of "The Heart of Leonardo," recalled seeing da Vinci's drawings for the first time as a medical student, "I remember thinking that they were far better than anything we had in modern textbooks of anatomy,” he said. “They were beautiful, accurate, absorbing – and there was a liveliness to them that you just don’t find in modern anatomical drawings.”