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5 great moments from Hollywood's green wannabes

By: Shea Gunther on Dec. 25, 2009, 10 a.m.
Chris Martin's good intentions die with mango trees

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Chris Martin

I think singer Chris Martin deserves credit for trying on this one. Back in 2002, his band Coldplay released its second studio album, A Rush of Blood to the Head, and announced that 10,000 mango trees would be planted in Southern India to help offset environmental damage caused by its production. A British company, Future Forests (now called CarbonNeutral,) would handle the logistics, and fans were given the option of adding an extra mango plant for a little less than $30. Future Forests contracted with a group called Women for Sustainable Development to distribute mango saplings to poor Indian villagers. The villagers received the saplings — but not the equipment, fertilizer and money for the other necessary expenses. The villagers barely had enough water for their families and farms, and most of the mango trees died soon after being distributed. I'm doubtful the surviving trees will offset the impact of the tree planting program, never mind the album. Lesson learned, but it's certainly not any kind of green success for Martin's wall of awards.