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5 great moments from Hollywood's green wannabes

By: Shea Gunther on Dec. 25, 2009, 10 a.m.
Madonna spends $10K a month on bottled water

Photo: ZUMA Press

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Madonna is well-known for periodically remaking herself. One of the masks she decided to try on recently was that of an environmentalist. She was one of the headline acts at Al Gore's Live Earth concert in 2007, where she debuted Hey You, a song that urges people to do their part for the planet. "If you wanna save the planet, I wanna see you jump up and down! Come on ... Jump!" she screamed into the mic. But if you're Madonna — and have a bottled water bill of $10,000 per month— you have a lot of jumping to do. In fact, you should probably hire a couple hundred people to jump with you. (That's a lot of negative green karma to work off.) Madonna lives in huge mansions and flies around the world in private jets. She's probably one of the most unsustainable people in history; it just doesn't fly for her to play the part of the environmentalist. Maybe it could after she gives up flying in private jets and sells a house or six ... and cuts her entourage by 90 percent ... and starts drinking tap water.