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6 examples of pricey, trash-based art

By: Sarah F. Berkowitz on Oct. 3, 2011, 9:03 a.m.
sculptures in front of pyramids

Photo: courtesy H.A. Schult

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H.A. Schult, 'Trash People'

In 1996, German artist H.A. Schult created 1,000 trash men out of aluminum cars, computer parts and recycled plastic. Working with 30 assistants, the artist completed the work in six months. Since then, the trash men have traveled the world and turned heads in stunning locations from the Great Wall of China to Kilkenny Castle in Ireland. Interested in buying? The price per head is €6,000 (about $8,178 U.S.) or a neat $8.2 million for the whole batch of trash men.