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6 living, growing pieces of art

By: Bryan Nelson on April 19, 2013, 1:52 p.m.
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Alive and well

If a work of art was described as being "alive," most people probably would assume this meant it was an especially inspiring piece. Perhaps they would take it to mean the art was a stunning work of realism, or that it had the power to move in profound ways. They probably wouldn't take the description literally.

But what if the art was actually alive? As in, growing, respiring, oozing — alive. Well, some artists aren't satisfied working with paint and easel, preferring to make their art out of the fluid nature of living things.

Whether by manipulating the growth of plants, fungi or bacteria, or by smothering a canvas in fresh bodily fluids, these artists prove that anything can be transformed into art. Here are six stunning — and sometimes creepy — examples of art made from living things. (Text: Bryan Nelson)