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6 living, growing pieces of art

By: Bryan Nelson on April 19, 2013, 1:52 p.m.
"The Majesty" by Tony Heywood and Alison Condie

Photo: CityscapesLondon/Youtube

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'The Majesty,' Tony Heywood and Alison Condie

Artists Tony Heywood and Alison Condie describe their work as “horticultural installation art,” a sort of cross-section between horticulture, botany, anthropology and art.

Still confused? Check out their exhibit called "The Majesty," an installation made entirely from living, growing fungi, and you'll get the idea. The work, which has manifested itself in an abandoned London railway vault, is basically a craggy nook with the perfect conditions for fungal growth. The artists have crafted their fungus ecosystem to give visitors a firsthand look at the spectacular diversity of the fungus world. Some of the fungi are even edible, and patrons are invited to indulge themselves.

The artists explain the purpose of their work briefly as follows: "As Britain spends the summer celebrating its glorious, and glamorous, heritage, so this monumental work muses on the cycles of beauty, pomp, ritual and inevitable decay."

You'll certainly never look at a bowl of cream of mushroom soup the same way again.