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7 of the funniest eco-comedians

By: Sidney Stevens on March 30, 2011, 2:20 p.m.
Forrest Shaw

Photo: Steve Martine

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Forrest Shaw

The only child of a single hippie mother, Forrest Shaw worked in the trenches for years as a marine biologist, "saving manatees and counting seagrass," before reinventing himself as an eco-stand-up comedian.

Best eco-routines:

All Organic Comedy Tour (view Shaw at 1:47)

Favorite green joke: "We should be more conservative with gas. SUVs ... probably not necessary. Hummers?! Do you really need an armored vehicle to get groceries or pick your kids up from soccer practice? That is the same vehicle the military uses for combat in Afghanistan and you're getting Egg Beaters in it. Sure, you should be 'allowed' to drive a Hummer, but I think the new rules should be the rest of us get to shoot at you. If you want to pretend you're in the Army, we'll make it more realistic."