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7 of the funniest eco-comedians

By: Sidney Stevens on March 30, 2011, 2:20 p.m.
josh rachlis with a wind turbine

Photo: Jonathan Bensimon

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Josh Rachlis

Toronto-based stand-up comedian and video funnyman Josh Rachlis specializes in his own brand of self-deprecating eco-irreverence. 

Best eco-routines:

"An Inconvenient Ruth" — romance on the verge of eco-disaster

Favorite green joke: "I'm not bald. I shave my head like this for the environment. It reduces the amount of shampoo that winds up in our lakes. And it makes me more aerodynamic. So that when I'm walking around, I'm burning fewer calories. Which means I don't have to eat as much. Which saves the Earth's precious resources. My head's not like this because I'm going bald or something. If I let it grow out it would look like Justin Bieber's hair — like a blonde helmet. And then I'd get lots of babes. But I choose to be bald and alone for the planet."