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8 eco-superheroes that might surprise you

By: Matt Hickman on Jan. 7, 2011, 11:30 a.m.
Prince Charles of Wales in 2012

Photo: Dan Marsh/Wikimedia Commons [CC by SA-2.0]

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Prince Charles

Named one of Time magazine’s Heroes of the Environment and a recipient of the Global Environmental Citizen Award in 2007, the Prince of Wales has long been a proponent of environmentally forward thinking — particularly in the realms of sustainable architecture, organic farming and climate change — but it wasn’t until this past decade that his eco-star began to shine. Among the plant-talking prince’s many charitable environmental endeavors are the Mayday Network, The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment, The Prince’s Rainforests Project, The Prince’s Countryside Fund and the Prince of Wales’s Business and Sustainability Programme (BSP). And despite a major overhaul in 2009, the prince remains involved with Duchy Originals, a popular organic food brand that he founded in 1990 — think Newman’s Own Organics but with a royal twist. The big question is: What kind of big, green wedding gift will he give to Prince William and Kate Middleton?