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9 vending machines with eclectic inventory

By: Matt Hickman on Jan. 30, 2012, 8:40 a.m.
wine vending machine

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Wine (U.S.)

To circumvent the Keystone State’s archaic liquor laws, some Pennsylvania grocers have experimented with installing high-tech vino vending machines that not only peddle bottles of wines from Yellow Tale and Sutter Home but also perform a Breathalyzer test and, of course, verify your age. MNN’s resident foodie, Robin Shreeves, who is appalled that local wines aren’t available through the kiosks, writes: “There are many things I find ridiculous about this process. The amount of resources it takes to create these vending machines, or wine kiosks, is unnecessary. The wines aren’t refrigerated. They are at room temperature behind glass doors that look like a refrigerator. A shelf would work just as well. The person determining if the photo ID matches the face in the screen couldn’t possibly do as good of a job as a live person could do — especially in the limited time available.”