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7 quirky ideas for group Halloween costumes

By: Steve Pollak on Oct. 18, 2010, 2:37 p.m.
Lady Gaga

Photo: Rob Schofield/flickr, Lotzman Katzman/flickr, May S. Young/flickr

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A group of Lady Gagas

There's only one Lady Gaga, but she seems to reinvent herself every 20 minutes or so with outlandish outfits and hair that cannot be replicated.

We're not sure you'd want to replicate her look … unless it was Halloween, of course.

Getting your friends dressed up as the many faces of Lady Gaga would make for a great group Halloween costume. Of course, no one wants to get stuck wearing her meat dress. Instead, go with a more traditional Gaga getup. (You don't want the neighborhood dog eying you up for a meal.)

Once you arrive at the Halloween shindig, show the party your poker face and then, just dance.