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12 impressive Carnegie libraries still in use today

By: Angela Nelson on Sept. 29, 2016, 6:37 a.m.
Carnegie Library in Union, Oregon

Photo: Visitor7/Wikimedia Commons

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Carnegie Library in Union, Oregon

Not all of Carnegie's libraries were statuesque and grand. And this one in Union, Oregon, doesn't need to be. It has another claim to fame: It's the only Carnegie library in Oregon that hasn't been changed and is still used as a library to this day.

In 1912, Carnegie gave the town of Union $5,500 to build a new library, according to the library's website. With that money, a brick library and a levee (to protect the building from a nearby creek) were constructed. His only request? That his name be displayed on the front of the building and that it be noted the library was a gift from him.