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MNN's Father's Day Gift Guide

By: Matt Hickman on June 20, 2010, 6:46 a.m.
Dixon Earth Eco-Distance Golf Balls

Photo: Dixon Golf

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For dads prone to saying strange things like “bogey,” “gimme” and “double eagle”:

Dixon Earth Eco-Distance Golf Balls ($19.99/1 dozen)

There’s no better way to bond with dad on Father’s Day than spending a tedious an exciting afternoon playing 18 holes on his favorite golf course. If you were born a hacker or would rather not submit to caddying for the day, you can still score a hole in one by presenting him with Dixon Earth Eco-Distance Golf Balls, a high-performance “green” golf ball that eschews polluting heavy metals like lead, tungsten and cobalt and is completely recyclable … provided it doesn’t end up in a water hazard.