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The new year doesn't always start on Jan. 1

By: Josh Lew on Dec. 28, 2016, 12:07 p.m.
Assyrian American Civic Club of Chicago's float of the Gate of Ishtar at Assyrian New Year parade

Photo: Assyrian New Year Parade/Facebook

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Assyrian New Year (April)

Assyrian New Year has its roots in ancient Assyria and Babylonia, which were once two of the world's most powerful civilizations. Celebrated on April 1 in Northern Iraq, Iran and Syria, and by members of the Assyrian diaspora (mainly in the U.S.), the holiday involves parades and cultural events.

Parades take place in the U.S. in places with large Assyrian populations. One of the biggest of these celebrations is held in Chicago (pictured). Each of the city's Assyrian churches, clubs and cultural organizations contribute a float or march together to represent their group.