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Would you visit a pet cemetery? 6 to explore

By: Matt Hickman on Sept. 24, 2013, 10:35 a.m.
Clara-Glenn Pet Cemetery

Photo: lena dunlop/Flickr

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Clara-Glenn Pet Cemetery, Linwood, N.J.

While New York’s Hartsdale Pet Cemetery may get most of the attention due to its size and age, there’s another animal burial ground just a couple hours south of New York City boasting some serious star power. C’mon, we’re talking about the Diving Horse of Steel Pier (allegedly) and Rex the water-skiing wonder dog here.

Founded in 1918 by animal loving couple Clara and Glenn White, the two-acre Clara-Glenn Pet Cemetery near Atlantic City is home to over 3,000 household pets and the aforementioned boardwalk performers. And on that note, human boardwalk performers, many Atlantic City staples of yore, chose to bury their beloved pets at Clara-Glenn. Irving Berlin, Billie Burke and Eddie Cantor are just a few of the names that often come up.

Somewhat hidden away in a residential neighborhood, Clara Glenn Pet Cemetery has been closed for interment for around 20 years, and after a period of being maintained by the Linwood Historical Society, the heavily vandalized property is now owned by the city.