Do you know what your dreams mean?

A man walks in a mysterious forest. Is he dreaming?

As as long as we've dreamed, we've been confounded by our nocturnal wanderings. Various psychological schools have created guides to understanding how dreams are affected by our subconscious, and the most famous of these is "Interpretation of Dreams" by Sigmund Freud. While there's plenty of disagreement about what dreams mean to each individual, there are some widely accepted guidelines for the most common dream scenarios. How well do you know your dreams?

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Human teeth in black and white.
Losing one's teeth is the most commonly reported dream. What do teeth represent?

Crumbling, loose or disappearing teeth are a reflection of a loss of self-confidence. Depending on where the dreamer finds self-esteem in his life, it could indicate underlying fears about outward appearance or mental capacity.

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You are being chased in your dreams by a known or unknown assailant. What basic emotion does being chased indicate you are wrestling with?

These dreams usually indicate you are running from something that is causing you anxiety, and that you are trying to avoid dealing with something that makes you nervous.

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A boy falls through the air head-first.
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What are you afraid of losing if you dream that you are falling from a great height?

Falling dreams are common, and they indicate a feeling of loss of control over part or all of your life. If you are falling, but not afraid, changes or challenges may be outside of your control.

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A man without a shirt on lies on his stomach.
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You look down in your dream and realize you are nude in public. What could it mean?

Because our clothes conceal our nudity, lacking that protection in public in a dream means that you are feeling vulnerable about something in your life.

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A woman captures butterflies in a bubble.
What is the key definition of lucid dreaming?

Lucid dreaming is the knowledge that you are dreaming while you are doing so. You can realize it in the midst of a dream or for the whole sequence.

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A young man flies above a rocky landscape.
The most common type of lucid dream is flying. What does flight mean in a dream?

Flying dreams represent freedom and new perspectives, and are usually experienced as full of positive feelings.

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A young woman naps on a rug.
Which dream animal can be interpreted as both powerful and creative and also a bringer of misfortune?

The dream symbolism of the cat depends on the dreamer's relationship with the animal. The appearance of a cat can indicate sexuality, power and creativity, or bad luck.

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A black and white image of the Angel of Death.
Why are dreams about death a good thing?

Dreams of death are harbingers of positive new growth experiences in your real life.

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A classic Victorian home.
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What do houses in dreams represent?

Coming upon or exploring a house in your dream is common, and it represents your soul. Different rooms represent different aspects of yourself.