How much do you know about Mother Teresa?

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Mother Teresa will soon be made a saint. How much do you know about the tiny nun with the huge heart who did so much for the poor?

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Where was Mother Teresa born?

Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, a city in the center of the Balkan Peninsula, now in the modern Republic of Macedonia. Her parents were Albania. She said, "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world."

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What was Mother Teresa's name at birth?

Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu on Aug. 26, 1910 and was baptized the next day. She was given the name Sister Teresa after Saint Thérèse de Lisieux when she joined the Irish order Sisters of Loreto. She became Mother Teresa after making her final vows.

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How did other sisters describe Mother Teresa went she first entered the convent?

When Mother Teresa entered the Irish convent at 18, she spoke a language few of the other sisters understood. Far from her family, she was remembered as quiet, shy and ordinary those early years.

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Why did Mother Teresa first go to India?

When Mother Teresa joined the Sisters of Loreto at 18, shortly thereafter she was sent to India to work as a teacher in the order's school for girls in Calcutta (now called Kolkata). She taught history and geography and eventually she became the school's principal.

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When did Mother Teresa have her "call within a call"?

On Sept. 10, 1946, during a train ride from Calcutta to Darjeeling, Mother Teresa received what she termed an "inspiration" or her "call within a call." She said she was called to leave her convent and devote herself to caring for the sick and the poor.

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Which obstacle did Mother Teresa have to overcome after her new calling?

When Mother Teresa decided to work openly with the poor and sick in Calcutta, she had to formally leave her convent. That involved receiving permission to do so, as well as permission to work with the poor publicly. She also had to deal with safety and comfort concerns.

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Which religious community did Mother Teresa form?

It took nearly two years before she received permission, but on Oct. 7, 1950, Mother Teresa officially created the Missionaries of Charity as part of the Archdiocese of Calcutta. The community's mission, she stated, was "labouring at the salvation and sanctification of the poorest of the poor."

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​Who once said of Mother Teresa: "I would have been afraid to have had her as my superior, since she was so tough"?

Pope Francis met Mother Teresa while he was Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio in Argentina, more than two decades ago. He has been known for admiring her missionary work as well as her fearlessness in speaking out on behalf of society’s outcasts, points out USA Today.

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​Why did Mother Teresa wear a white sari instead of a nun's habit?

When Mother Teresa left her convent and decided to work with the poor and sick in the streets of Calcutta, she chose to dress like those she served, reports AmericanCatholic. She turned in her nun's habit for sandals and a plain white sari with blue trim.

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Mother Teresa receives the Nobel Peace Prize
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What happened at the banquet after Mother Teresa accepted the Nobel Peace Prize?

When Mother Teresa received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she asked that the traditional lavish banquet be canceled, reported Life magazine. Instead, she requested that the $7,000 the celebratory event would have cost be sent to Calcutta where the money could feed 400 people for a year instead of 135 people for one night.

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When did the process toward Mother Teresa's sainthood start?

According to the Vatican, less than two years after Mother Teresa's death, Pope John Paul II (above) started the process to declare her a saint, called the opening of her "Cause of Canonization." (The initial process typically takes about five years.) She was beatified in 2003, when the Vatican recognized that she performed a miracle. Pope Francis recognized the second miracle needed for canonization on Dec. 18, 2015.

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