So, you think you know zombies?

Two female zombies in profile
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Do you have the brains to survive the zombie apocalypse? Take our quiz to find out if you'll be walking away alive — or just be the walking dead.

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The Lane family runs from zombies in World War Z
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In 'World War Z' do zombies travel...

They move fast. Director Marc Forster said “when they get triggered, they start to move; when there’s no feeding frenzy or nothing to feed on or bite, they’re just stagnant and move slowly.”

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Gerry Lane with an infected person in World War Z
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In ‘World War Z,’ what’s the average time it takes for someone to become a zombie?

Humans turn into zombies in 12 seconds. Forster says that the time actually speeds up as the virus mutates from human to human. Science, on the other hand, says such a fast infection is not realistic.

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Joel battles an infected
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In the video game ‘The Last of Us,’ what do older zombies eventually develop to find their prey?

These zombies, infected by a fungus, eventually go blind and rely upon echolocation to hunt. This results in them making a distinctive clicking sound.

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Zombie reaching through a door
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According to author Max Brooks, where is the last place you should go at the start of the zombie apocalypse?

According to Brooks, hospitals are likely to be littered with infected humans, dead corpses -- and new zombies hungry for a fresh meal.

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Zombies attacks a 'Zombieland' sign
What is Rule #1 to surviving the zombie apocalypse as detailed in the film ‘Zombieland’?

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you'll want to focus on your cardio exercises. According to the movie's main character, Columbus, “Zombies lead a very active lifestyle. So should you.”

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Zombies 'attack' a car during a zombie walk
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Which automaker is famous for creating custom zombie-killer cars for San Diego’s annual Comic-Con?

Hyundai has teamed up with "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman for the past two years to design a vehicle capable of surviving the zombie apocalypse.

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According to LiveScience, the safest country to ride out the zombie apocalypse is

Aussies, benefiting from some nice geographic isolation, will truly inherit the Earth.

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Glenn battles a walker on The Walking Dead
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As seen in ‘The Walking Dead,’ if a zombie bites one of your limbs, you should immediately:

You only have a limited time before the infection spreads to prevent yourself from turning into the undead. Grab something sharp and take a deep breath — this is going to hurt.

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Speaking of the 'Thriller' dance, Michael Jackson’s classic video was originally called what?

If Quincy Jones hadn’t changed the direction of Jackson’s 1983 hit, we’d all be doing the “Starlight Dance” with such lyrics as "Starlight! Starlight sun..."

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Which country in February 2013 formally declared that it would not become a safe haven for zombies?

In a meeting of Parliament, Foreign Minister John Baird said Canada “will never become a safe haven for zombies, ever!”

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U.S. patriotic zombie
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Which U.S. president’s body almost underwent an experiment to ‘bring him back to life’?

In 1799, a physician asked George Washington’s family for permission to attempt to resurrect him by pumping his lungs full of air and giving him an infusion of lamb’s blood. Thankfully, they declined.

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Zombies on AMC's The Walking Dead
In ‘The Walking Dead,’ the zombie virus is carried by:

Nobody knows why, but humans are all carriers of the virus. When they die — whether naturally or violently, the virus dormant inside them becomes active and reanimates the body. Good times.

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In David Agranof’s 2010 zombie novel, the only people safe from turning into the undead are:

In Agranof’s book "The Vegan Revolution … With Zombies!" only those who stay away from all animal products manage to avoid infection.

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According to the CDC, how much water should you stock to prepare for the zombie apocalypse

An adult needs between 3 to 5 liters, or a bit more than one gallon, of water each day to survive.

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Movie posters for zombie flicks
The first movie to feature a zombie was:

The 1932 film directed by Victor Halperin and starring Bela Lugosi featured an evil voodoo priest in Haiti who zombifies a beautiful young woman.

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