What are these countries best known for?

globe with well-known landmarks from different countries
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Due to history or legend, most countries are known for contributing something specific to the world. How many do you know?

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Mt. Fuji in Japan with red pagoda
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Japan is an ancient culture. What is it NOT known for?

In the west, Japanese culture has influenced food — who hasn't had sushi? Japanese efficiency, aka kaizen, has been implemented worldwide. And of course, origami, the art of paper-folding is taught in many art classes. But although Japan is an island, it isn't as famous for jet skiing or other water sports — though of course some Japanese people enjoy them.

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Fishing hut (rorbu) in the Hamnoy and Lilandstinden mountain peak at sunset - Reine, Lofoten islands, Norway
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What sport is Norway best known for?

The oldest ski discovered in Norway dates back to 5100 B.C. The sport clearly has a long history there. The world's first ski races were held in Norway and the country played a huge role in making the sport popular over time.

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Panorama of Budapest, Hungary, with the Chain Bridge and the Parliament.
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What steamy pastime is Hungary known for?

There are more than a 1,000 hot springs in Hungary, including 118 in the capital city of Budapest. Taking to the baths is part of the culture there.

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Orographic clouds over of the Anuyan tepui - Venezuela, Latin America.
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Venezuela is famed for its natural beauty. Which feature in particular is it known for?

Angel Falls is the world's highest waterfall at 3,212 feet. It's located in the Auyantepui mountains in Canaima National Park.

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Fountains in Petrodvorets Peterhof, Saint Petersburg, Russia
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Which hard liquor are Russians known to serve and enjoy?

Alcohol consumption in Russia is among the highest in the world, and vodka is the country's drink of choice — but traditionally, alcohol is consumed along with rich, hearty food.

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Spectacular sunrise at the Coogee Baths, south side, Coogee, Australia.
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Which dessert is Australia known for?

Pavlova is a meringue cake that's topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream; sometimes it has a crust, and sometimes it includes lemon curd or chocolate. It's a classic Aussie dessert, though its origin has been traced to New Zealand.

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Biggest waterfall in Goa. Its scenic beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year.
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What is the most popular sport in India?

India is known for its strong cricket teams at the local, national and international levels. The sport is so popular that it's sometimes referred to as another religion.

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What hot beverage is China famous for?

The Chinese people have been drinking green tea for thousands of years, and the habit is deeply embedded in the culture. (It's also a healthy drink, delivering plenty of antioxidants in each cup)

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A young woman walks along a surf beach in Hawaii.
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What's also known as 'Hawaiian steak'?

Spam is a canned, processed meat product made from pork shoulder, ham, salt, potato starch, sugar and preservatives. It has a unique flavor and is utilized in a variety of Hawaiian dishes.

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Seun Kuti and Egypt 80" perform afrobeat music.
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Which African country is known for being the home of Afrobeat music?

Nigeria has a rich cultural tradition in both literature and music. Musician Fela Kuti put Afrobeat music on the map in the 1970s and the trend has grown within the country and internationally since then.

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This Greek island is known for its whitewashed walls, and blue roofs.
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Ancient Greece is famous as the birthplace of Democracy and the Olympics, but which Greek island is a famous tourist spot today?

The island of Santorini is recognized worldwide as the "face" of Greek tourism.

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Young man having fun, holding red hot chilly pepper in his mouth.
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Which of these countries is not famous for its hot sauce?

Hot spices and sauces aren't traditionally used in Finnish cuisine — which doesn't mean some Finnish people don't like spicy food. But hot sauces are more likely to have been imported to the fish- and whole grain-loving country.

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