What does your handwriting reveal about you?

what handwriting reveals about you
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Even though cursive writing is going the way of the dodo and we do more and more writing on keyboards, most of us still do plenty of writing by hand. From signatures to to-do lists, you probably write more than you realize. And even if you print, your writing is distinctive; each of us has a unique combination of flourishes — and there's evidence it can reveal something about you.

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A man looks through a magnifying glass.
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The science of graphology uses handwriting to understand personality traits. About how many different qualities can a trained graphologist discern from a writing sample?

While there are different levels of ability and training when it comes to handwriting analysis, a trained, experienced graphologist can suss out more than 5,000 different traits from samples of writing.

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Slanted handwriting
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The slant of a writing sample is one of the most basic tells. What does it mean if writing slants to the left?

Those whose writing slants to the left like to work on their own, and tend to keep their feelings to themselves.

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A signature by Clint Eastwood in Hollywood.
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What does larger-than-average writing mean?

People whose handwriting is very large have big personalities; it's a common trait among celebrities.  

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By high school, what happens to two-thirds of people's handwriting?

For most people, handwriting develops into a melange of classic cursive and printed letters that they find most efficient and attractive. 

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Hard-to-Read writing
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What does sloppy handwriting really mean?

Usually, messy handwriting doesn't mean someone is lazy (as you might think), but rather that the person is secretive in nature and doesn't want to be easily read (literally). 

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Writing with widely spaced letters
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What do widely separated letters mean?

Spaces between letters give graphologists insight into how much freedom the writer allows himself as well as that person's receptiveness to others. Wide spacing means the person needs more space and tends to be cautious around others. 

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A sample of Margaret Thatcher's handwriting.
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What do flourishes indicate?

Like Margaret Thatcher's handwritten note above, many people use small arcs or turns in their capital letters or elsewhere, which is indicative of creativity in other areas of life. 

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A woman writes a letter by hand.
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What do wide spaces between lines of text on unlined paper mean?

Like wide spacing between letters, large line spacing indicates a person who sees himself as apart from other people, an observer rather than a participator. These people are often somewhat anxious and possibly isolated.

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Spiky handwriting on a blackboard.
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Spiky, or pointy handwriting reveals what about the writer's character?

Pointy tops of letters or spikes where there would normally be roundness indicate a curious, perceptive, quick-thinking writer. 

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A random sample of handwriting.
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What do small (or nonexistent) spaces in the loops of a writer's L's mean?

Small loops on the cursive letter L indicate that the writer is restricting himself, possibly holding himself back from what he wants, or he's someone who tends to think narrowly.

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What does a high dot over the letter i mean?

A high dot is connected to highly imaginative people, whereas a centered dot means that the writer is detail-oriented and organized. Dots to the left of the base of the i indicate someone who likely procrastinates. 

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what handwriting reveals about you
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